• Crowfoot Spanner

    Deltec 3/4" x 41mm Crowfoot Spanner - Crowfoot Wrench - British made by Deltec

  • Hexagon Reducer Bush

    Hexagon Reducer Bush 55mm Outside size -  46mm Inside size

Deltec Industries

Deltec Industries


Deltec Industries

Impact Socket, Special Socket, Hand Tools & Accessories Supplier.

Deltec Industries have been supplying Impact Sockets, Hand Tools and Accessories for 39 years. As a family business we pride ourselves in customer service, quality products and efficient lead times. We supply a wide range of customers across the United Kingdom and further afield.  We stock a wide range of standard Impact Sockets, Deltec Channel Sockets, and Bi-Hexagon Sockets as well as having an in house machining department for all Special Sockets and Large Sockets. As the company is growing at a steady rate so does our stock of professional hand tools and industrial accessories. We are continually looking for new distributors to help push our products so please feel free to give us a call on 01253 885 747 or send us an email to .

Our range of products include:-

  • Impact Sockets
  • Impact Socket Sets
  • Special Sockets made to order
  • All Spanners
  • Professional Hand Tools
  • Bi-Hexagon Sockets
  • Crowbars
  • Channel Sockets
  • Crowfoot Spanners

Our website has a vast number of products available to purchase online. However if you have bespoke requirements please give us a call.


Arthur Dell started Deltec Industries back in 1979, a one man band, this progressed to Glen being take on a an apprentice, Glen is still with us today and it has grown from there.  Karen, Arthurs daughter was brought in to expand the company and the team at Deltec have done an excellent job, growing continually and offering the best service and products in the trade

Watch our video to see how we can provide the tools for your business.


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