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Impact Accessories

Deltec manufacture and stock the full range of Accessories.  This can be anything from Adaptors, Universal Joints,...

Deltec manufacture and stock the full range of Accessories.  This can be anything from Adaptors, Universal Joints, Extension Bars, Connectors, sleeves and many more, if you cannot find them on our website do contact us.  All Deltec Accessories are manufactured to the highest standard, from certified material, guaranteeing you the best possible impact quality product. Deltec accessories can be manufactured in any size and combination - just ask.



  • Reducing Sleeves

    Reducing Sleeves simply slide in the square drive end to make the drive smaller without sticking out very far

  • Male Connectors

    Connectors Male to Male Square - Torque Adaptors Impact quality

    Torque adaptors or Male to Male connectors, are used to reduce or increase the drive size to suit your tools and job

  • Female Connectors

    Connectors Female to Female Square

    Female-to-female socket adaptors are used in a variety of torque testing and torque calibration applications

  • Adaptors


    We also manufacture adaptors : - Hex to Hex, Hex to Square,  Female to Female Square, Male to Male Square, Any variation is possible

    Deltec can make these in any combination ½” Female to 1” male which eliminates the need for two adaptors

    Drop-forged steel adaptor. Suitable for use on all types of air impact tool. Chrome Molybdenum steel with phosphate finish for added corrosion resistance.

    Adapters / Adaptors, do as they say they change the drive to suit your tools

  • Universal Joints

    Universal Joints -  from 1/4" Drive to 2.1/2" Drive

    Universal joints allow you to get in to awkward access areas, with allowing a different angle to drive your impact sockets from.

  • Extension Bars

    Extension Bars

    Impact quality by Deltec Industries

    • Extensions, sometimes called "extender arms", attach to a socket on one end and a ratchet on the other end of the extension. These "extend" the length of the socket and allow access to nuts or bolts that are difficult to reach. Extensions are typically 1/2" to 20" in length in roughly 1" to 3" increments. We stock up to 900mm or 30", longer can be manufactured.

  • Breaker Bars

    Breaker Bars

    Impact quality, all drives and any lengths available

    Deltec Industries are the only company that manufactures these - to provide an impact quality head, not a chrome one, for more strength and a longer tool life, Deltec UK can manufacture these in any drives and lenghts to suit your requirement. 


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