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Specials Made To Order - By Deltec Industries - British Made

Deltec Industries have been manufacturing...

Specials Made To Order - By Deltec Industries - British Made

Deltec Industries have been manufacturing industrial Impact Sockets since 1979, in Lancashire, England. We have 6 CNC machines, 2 horizontal band saws for billet production, State of the art Induction Heaters, Large presses for Hot Drop Forging, and with full heat treatment facilities on site, the Impact Sockets are chemically blacked on site and either roll marked or laser marked to finish them. We carry 60 tonnes of certified steel bar ready for your order.

So if you need heavy duty bolt tightening by either hydraulic wrench or air impact wrench we can supply your impact sockets. Either 1.1/2" square drive & 2.1/2" Square drive we have the full range in either imperial size socket, or metric socket, we also stock some whitworth sizes. in either deep or standard lengths. We manufacture 3.1/2" Square drive on request.

The whole range of impact products are available universal joints 1/4" - 2.1/2" in stock, all accessories, adaptors, extensions any length etc. We manufacture on site any socket you may need. We also manufacture special order industrial Impact Sockets of various sizes to suit customer’s requirements any size, any quantity. We offer a fast track manufacturing service for the emergency jobs. Such as aircraft on the ground, power outage, Ship to sail, Oil Rig, Gas Rig, Turbine maintenance, Large pipe flange bolting etc. Deltec understand this if you have a problem, you need it as soon as possible, and this can be done in 24-48 hours depending on size & quantity.



  • Non Sparking Sockets

     Non Sparking Sockets

    Deltec Spark Free Sockets & Tools

    Deltec Manufacture Spark Free tools for all industries, We manufacture in Aluminium Bronze - Al Br, Copper Beryillium Cu Be, Titanium, Stainless Steel, anything you need really

    We can supply Sockets, Spanners, all Tools, Please do contact us at and we will sort your quote out for you, let us do the hard work for you.

    All sockets and tools are certified for your peace of mind

    Please note that all Deltec's Impact sockets are heat treated in house to an industry standard, the Spark free sockets cannot be heat treated the same, so please bear this in mind

  • Heavy Duty Sockets


    Deltec Heavy Duty - Extra High Strength Impact Sockets, Deltec manufacture these from a Higher grade material, for the occasions where you need that extra strength, if for example you need a thinwall socket, but need the same strength as a Deltec Impact Socket

  • Deep Sockets

     Extra Deep Sockets

    Deltec manufacture all sizes, any length up to 350mm can be machined in house, please do contact us for your requirements

    We can manufacture these in any square drive and any size - Deltec Impact Socket Manufacturers - British Made

  • Specials Tool Service

    Special Tool Service

    Deltec manufacture Specials to suit your requirements, if it a one off or a large batch Deltec can turn these around for you within 5 - 7 days

    Any Drive, Any Size, Small or Large, All out of Impact material - We have all the machines and expertise to deliver the quality you deserve

    Deltec Impact socket Manufacturers - Please send over your enquirys and we will do the rest

  • Castellated Sockets

    Castellated Sockets

    Deltec manufacture the Castellated Impact Sockets and Slogging Spanners in any size, all done in house, usually within 7 - 10 days

    All out of Impact material, Castle sockets as they are also referred to as

    Deltec Impact socket Manufacturers - Please send over your enquirys and we will do the rest

  • Large Sockets

    Large Sockets

    Deltec manufacture to all sizes, we excell in the extra large Impact sockets.  Our machines are the most efficient that they can be and the best quality material is used, allowing you to rely on the fact that you are getting the best quality for your money.

    Please do enquire as we can make any large size you need, Large sockets can be manufactured within days  and shipped globally

  • Fast Track Manufacturing

     Fast Track Manufacturing

    Do you have an emergency and cannot wait 5 - 10 days for your socket?

    Deltec offer a Fast Track service, We can turn your socket around in one working shift - 8 hours, from raw bar to finished product, if this is of interest to you, bear us in mind, for those unavoidable panic jobs

  • Rectangle Sockets

    Rectangle Sockets, Deltec manufacture Rectangle sockets, used mainly in the railway industry - these can be manufactured in any drive and size

  • Universal Impact Socket

    Universal Impact Socket, any drive available and any size in hexagon and Bi Hexagon


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