Torx Sockets

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Torx Sockets

Torx Sockets

Deltec manufacture, using impact grade material - Male and Female Torx Sockets

Torx Sockets

Deltec manufacture, using impact grade material - Male and Female Torx Sockets

  • 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" & 1" drive sockets for external TORX headed bolts
  • Made from Impact grade steel for extra durability
  • Sizes available, E10-E24.  Also T9 to T100


These 1/2" drive sockets for external TORX headed bolts are made from CrV steel for extra durability. Available in sizes, from E10 to E20.



  • Torx Impact Sockets Male

    Male Torx Impact Sockets . Internal Torx Impact Sockets

    Torx screws are commonly found on automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle brake systems (disc brakes), hard disk drives, computer systems and consumer electronics. Initially, they were sometimes used in applications requiring tamper resistance, since the drive systems and screwdrivers were not widely available; as drivers became more common, tamper-resistant variants, were developed.[4] Torx screws are also becoming increasingly popular in construction industries

    Torx head sizes are described using the capital letter "T" followed by a number ranging from T1 to T100.[5] A smaller number corresponds to a smaller point-to-point dimension of the screw head (diameter of circle circumscribed on the cross-section of the tip of the screw driver). Common sizes include T10, T15, and T25, while T5.5, T35, and T47 tend to see specialized use. Only the proper driver can drive a specific head size without risk of damaging the driver or screw. The same series of Torx drivers is used to drive SAE, metric and other thread system fasteners, reducing the number of bit sizes required.

  • E Torx Impact Sockets

    E Torx Impact Socket - External Torx socket

    E Torx sockets are sockets designed for turning external torx fastener heads  

    E Torx sockets

    E Torx, or 'external Torx sockets' to give their full name, are sockets designed to fit and turn fasteners with an external Torx head.


    E Torx sockets are sized from E1 (smallest) to E100 (largest), although most E Torx socket sets will range in size from E4 - E24. Like standard sockets, they have a square drive for attaching a turning tool that can range from ¼" - 1" in size.

      E Torx bolts allow more torque to be applied than Hex or Bi-Hex bolts  

    E Torx sockets and fasteners can apply more torque than regular hex or bi-hex sockets without damaging the fastener head. This is because of the greater contact area between the socket and the fastener head, along with the fact that more of the torque is applied away from the corners of the fastener head, so there is less chance of it rounding off.

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