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Claw Hammer 20 oz

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Claw Hammer 20 oz Fibreglass Shaft

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Claw Hammer 20 oz Fibreglass Shaft

This hammer is the perfect everyday hammer. 20oz is a good weight for day to day use, heavy enough for a little bit of big stuff, but light enough for general knocking about.

The curve of the claw is just right for getting in under floor board to lift, and there is plenty of strength in the fibreglass handle to really give it some welly wothout worrying about breakages.

Talking of the fibreglass handle, the shaft does a great job of damping vibration.

Overall, if you only have one hammer, this is the ideal choice,  if you only need to bash stuff, bang in the odd nail, pull out the odd nail, lift floor boards etc, this is the one for you.