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Heavy Duty Stilsons 10" - 250mm

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Heavy Duty Stilsons 10" - 250mm

Pipe wrench. The pipe wrench (US), Stillson wrench or Stillsons (UK) is an adjustable wrench used for turning soft iron pipes and fittings with a rounded surface. The design of the adjustable jaw allows it to lock in the frame, such that any forward pressure on the handle tends to pull the jaws tighter together.

pipe wrench is the basic wrench type you picture when thinking of a wrench. While there are a number of variations of the pipe wrench (more on that later), all pipe wrenches are generally used to tighten or loosen pipe joints.

The first issue to using a pipe wrench properly is to use the right type of pipe wrench for your job. There are six main types of pipe wrenches. The straight pipe wrench (the basic one) can be used on all types of pipe work. An end pipe wrench has a head at a bit of angle and is designed to be used on pipes close to the wall or parallel work. An offset pipe wrench is used to grab onto pipes at awkward angles or in tight spots. A compound leverage pipe wrench is used for seized joints and provides extra leverage. A chain pipe wrench is best used when you have an extremely tight pipe. Finally, the strap pipe wrench can be used on pipes that are polished, plastic or plated.